Southwest Hand Cycling Team

Our Core Values

  • Technically competent, skilled (alone and in groups), fast, and safe cyclists
  • Respectful and courteous to other cyclists, pedestrians and motorists
  • Respectful of the laws of the road and the environment
  • Highly competent racing as a team
  • Represent our sponsors proudly and respectfully
    • Supporting local cycling events
    • Participate in USCF events
    • Have a large presence in local non-USCF events
    • Organize at least one local event per year
    • Financially support worthy cycling related events
    • Financially assist local racers as appropriate

New Team Member Policy

Southwest Hand Cycling Team is a family of like-minded cyclists. We socialize together, enjoy riding with one another, and are proud to be on the team. We are supportive and proud of the successes of our teammates. Although we don't want to be exclusionary, we are committed to maintaining an organization that supports our team mission and core values. We are happy to have new members but want the cyclists joining our team to be as special as those already on it. In order to accomplish that goal it is critical to adhere to the following.

All new members must be formally approved and invited by our Board. No individual should extend a personal invitation for another rider to join the team. We do not want to offend anyone. However, we must be selective if we are going to maintain the qualities that make our team unique.

So how does it work?
1. A current team member (in good standing) recognizes someone in the cycling community who they feel would be a good candidate for our team.

2. Before discussing potential membership with the candidate, the current team member should discuss the rider with a board member.

3. Invite the candidate to join several team rides to allow others to meet and ride with him or her.

4. If the candidate continues to join rides and seems like a good fit, the nominating team member and the board will discuss the suitability of the candidate's membership, and if approved, the board will extend a formal invitation to join the team.

5. The team will conduct the initiation ritual (optional).

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